Inside the Bubble – Understanding the Ceiling of Apartment Demand

Inside the Bubble – Understanding the Ceiling of Apartment Demand
Brock Johnson

Inside the Bubble – Understanding the Ceiling of Apartment Demand

2018 Speaker

David W. Snyder
Chief Executive Officer
Continental Realty Advisors

David W. Snyder is the President and Chairman of the Board of Continental Realty Advisors, Ltd., a national institutional investment sponsor specializing in multi-family assets. His expertise comes from more than thirty-five years of commercial real estate investment experience with Van Schaack and Company, Commonwealth Mortgage Company, Worldwide Exchange Group, and Continental Realty Advisors, Ltd. Mr. Snyder’s activities have governed all phases of real estate investment for pension fund, insurance, family office partners, private equity partners and CRA sponsored Funds. Mr. Snyder has conducted in excess of $3,000,000,000 in multi-family real estate investments for CRA and CRA clients along with CRA sponsored investment funds.  Mr. Snyder attended Colorado State University, concentrating on various degree work in the areas of Construction Management, Solar/Chemical Engineering, and Business Administration.  Mr. Snyder resides with his wife and has two adult children in the Metro Denver area.

Continental Realty Advisors, Ltd. (CRA) is a real estate investment firm that discovers and acquires multi-family investment opportunities. The Company has a thirty four (34) year track record of successfully evaluating, acquiring, operating, and dispositioning of multifamily properties for institutional partners, individual investors, family offices, CRA Funds, and its own account.  CRA’s economics research system is known as one of the more comprehensive predictive analytical processes in the multi-family industry. The company’s operations are headquartered in Littleton, Colorado, where a highly experienced team oversees all major areas of responsibility.  CRA is founded and operated on biblical principals that involve an active participation in the social and spiritual development of our fund investors, partners, residential clients, and our corporate staff.