Research Driven Acquisitions

Research is at the core of CRA’s acquisitions platform. We are set apart in the industry by utilizing research to lead us to specific areas in markets across the country. Once an area is identified, our Acquisitions Team systematically targets opportunities. We have become experts in identifying dislocations of asset value and identifying demand trends which increase the likelihood of investment success.

Through decades of experience and over $1.5 billion in acquisitions over the last 20 years, we have set key criteria within four specific categories which correlate to a higher probability of success – we refer to this as our ‘4 Pillars’.

  1. Employment Support
  2. Transportation Support
  3. Retail Support
  4. Supply / Demand

Though this may seem intuitive, and it is, we have refined what we look for in each of these categories to guide us to our investments.

Once properties have been identified in key locations, we then look for specific property level opportunity which can come in many forms, including:

  • Management Opportunity
  • Value Add Opportunity
  • Distressed Opportunity

CRA’s time-tested platform is proactive and systematic. This stands in stark contrast to the ‘Industry Norm’, in which investment teams are presented with marketed deals they feel are worth pursing, then research is utilized to create analysis that supports and endorses the deal (which may may not represent reality), resulting in a reactive acquisitions strategy.

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